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Embroidery  Heat Transfer



Texas Cap & Embroidery provides imprinted apparel solutions for groups, schools, businesses, special events and designers.

Our reputation for quality and service has grown from the fact that we care about your project from the artwork creation to screen printing the product -- and we do it at a good price and on time -- every time.

Screen (or image transfer) preparation includes a number of steps. First the customer provides the screen printer with objects, photographs, text, ideas, or concepts of what they wish to have printed. The screen printer must then transfer a "picture" of the artwork (also called "copy") to be printed into an "image" (a picture on film) which can then be processed and eventually used to prepare the screen stencil.

Once the artwork is transferred to a positive image that will be chemically processed onto the screen fabric (applying the emulsion or stencil) and eventually mounted onto a screen frame that is then attached to the screen printing press and production begins.    

Heat Transfer